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You Are Always With Me

I never stopped believing in you. Mountains may have blocked the of view of the open field where you can run free, but you climbed those mountains, proving all you are capable to be. You are strong. You are brave. You are confident. You are beautifully and wildly amazing. You are the sweetest soul I've ever known. I want you to grow into all you can become - under the radiant sun, throughout the luscious lands, amidst the roots and brances. You are nature becoming and developing into the kindest form of creation possible. I'm so proud of you. I love you.

Self-love is a beautiful gift of healing and a blessing of existing as a human on this planet.

I think where most of our pain comes from is lack of self-love. I personally also think it is rooted in a lack of faith in something greater than ourselves. Whatever you choose to call that "presence" is completely personal and individualized to you! .... God, Spirit, Universe, Nature, Love, Peace..... Any name works!

I wanted to share this poem/prayer I wrote in my journal about a week ago, because when I re-read it this morning, I felt so grateful for the love I felt through the words. I often forget to give myself self-love. I get lost in my thoughts and in my concerns.... I get lost in my feelings. I get lost in my day-to-day routines and to-do's.

It feels so comforting to give myself the gift of loving-kindness.

My connection to my spirituality comes in the form of devotion at times. It also comes in the form of solace and comfort. It even comes in the form of sweet remembrance that I am not alone. I feel so grateful when my heart is reminded of the love that is always with me. I also feel so honored by this gift of life when I am in this knowing. What a blessing it is to be alive. What a gift it is to have been created. I find great healing in remembering that the Source from which I was created is always with me. I am never alone.

The devotion I am committed to is the pathway of honoring my heart. I am devoted to healing. I am devoted to understanding my connection to all of life. I am devoted to growth and learning. The energy that engulfs me as I open up to this devotion is a beautiful energy of radical love - radical forgiveness, radical peace, radical self-love, radical self-acceptance.

Gratitude is a gateway to the heart. I offer appreciation when in prayer and when speaking to myself and God. I feel so thankful for everything that has happened, for who I am, and for all the ways I continue to experience life. I also feel grateful when I hold a deep knowing of trust. As I develop a greater relationship with trust, I gain more respect for the unfolding of everything within and around me. The serenity prayer truly is such a wonderful prayer to live by: "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

I have power over change within myself. I can re-create and re-build a relationship with myself and Higher Power that represents the love that I innately am. I can do this through prayer, through spiritual practice, and through positive self-talk. This takes my effort - making the time to speak kindly to myself. It feels so good to tell yourself that you are proud of yourself. Believe me, I do not always think highly of my choices and myself. I am doomed with the feeling of shame often. That is why my prayer time is essential. I make an intentional effort to give myself the love I need to hold within my heart.

What I come to realize often is that there is this beautiful presence always there with me - always loving me, always forgiving me, always comforting me.

This presence is innately part of who I am, and yet so much greater than me. It is me, and so much more. It is eternal and infinite, wise and compassionate, forgiving and gentle. It is intimately connected to my heart as me, but it is also within every single person on the planet. We all have this beautiful energy of unconditional love existing within us.

To me... that is God...

God is me and God is in everyone and everything. God is eternal love. God is wisdom. God is the pure essence of the Heart.

I am devoted to that presence. It is the highest, most innocent, loving form - a piece of my soul that exists within the whole Spirit of Creation.

I do believe this presence is actively with us each and every day. We just may forget we have access to that knowing and awareness. I can't express enough the sweetness of presence, and how sweet it is to give yourself some of this love with intention. The more I am learning to do this with myself, the more I am learning to accept others. I learn to not judge myself, so I pass that on to others around me. I learn to let go of my judgments on others and the world around me as I learn to love myself. This is another gift of healing.

I'm so grateful for the gifts of healing.

Thank you sweet Spirit for all you have given me. I am blessed with the gift of life as a human. The lessons of growth are truly rewarding. Thank you for allowing me to be in this experience and to feel everything I feel. May this day be yours, and may I be here to serve YOU! Amen...

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