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Keeping Our Heads UP When They Wanna Fall Down

I've recently been exploring ways to keep my head UP! Maybe it's a collective feeling overcoming me, or maybe it's just a cyclical ebb that my mind and body are going through .... I'm not sure, but I know I have been strategizing ways to rise above negative thinking and patterns. I think some days I'm not feeling that UMPPPHH of purpose and passion! I somewhat lose my direction and motivation. I feel a bit stagnant and lost at times. It has caused me to perceive the world with a little less than a positive attitude.


That refusal to let it bog me down has been lifesaver... I'll tell you that! No one wants to feel depressed and down and miserable.

Some things that life is inviting me to dive deep into is how to make the best of every day. Life is beckoning me to a sweeter space of peace, that isn't reliant on the outside world. Life definitely wants me to engage with the world, but simultaneously is asking me to LET GO of my expectations and outcomes. I've been called into a deeper space of surrender and creative exploration.

By creative exploration, I simply mean, the creative being that is ME! Who am I? What is here FOR me? What am I learning? What can I expand into? What new things can I try? What new things can I learn? Are there solutions that I can creatively come up with to overcome these states of negativity and disconnection?

This is a giant creative exploration of the life I am given.... of how I can make the best of it as it is!!!

The things I am learning currently, are simply things I'm actually just being reminded of. They are not anything too spectacular or new solutions. I've been re-visiting truths that have helped me in prior years; but now that I've grown and changed, it's like I am a whole new person re-engaging with the process.

I wanted to share some of the things that have been working for me recently. These things are water. They are nourishing tools to help keep the garden of ME blooming and alive. That's what we all want to feel, right?! Alive! Blooming! Growing! Flourishing! I'd love to share some things that are helping my buds blossom more and more.

1 . Focusing on the good in my life.

Personally, I've experienced states of negativity lately. Even over the simple stuff. I think that's what makes a huge impact on the overall experience of my day. It's the little things. Those little attitudes add up and culminate into a mood sometimes. It's HOW I choose to wake up in the morning, HOW I choose to make my coffee and start my day, HOW I choose to look at going to the store, taking care of chores, filling up my time with the day to day things.

Our life is made up of simple things. Moments that aren't too spectacular. Moments that are average. Moments that are routine. Moments that are filled with space..... What do we do with that space?! I think that's what can get me into a state of negativity. I don't know how to fill the space, so I don't look forward to the moment.

Ah-HA ! This is part of the process. What do we do with all the SPACE in our life?! We have all this space to create anything we want. Well, for me, I have started to look at mundane moments as OPPORTUNITIES. I have an abundance of opportunities to make the best of so many precious moments. I can create anything I want, like a whole new perspective! I can see things as good and supportive. I can remind myself that this human experience is a gift. It is rare, brief and temporary. In the grand scheme of things, we are really here for a BLIP of a moment in time. The 70 - 80 years we may be here on planet Earth, or longer who knows..... it's so short in comparison to the MILLIONS and BILLIONS and INFINITE YEARS of existence. Our awareness of THIS MOMENT is short. It is passing. It will be over before we know it! WOW! We have this amazing opportunity to live!!!

I've been trying to wake up with that attitude day to day. Shifting from LACK to ABUNDANCE. Could the world be better right now? Could my day to day be more exciting and adventurous? Well of course!!! I have the chance to MAKE my world better and more exciting, with the attitude and perspective I choose. Sometimes depressive thinking subconsciously has me facing my day like, "Oh, I have to wake up, do it again, over and over, same ole', same ole'" What about...... "YES! I have another day to live ! I wonder what will show up for me today and tomorrow!! Let me keep my eyes, ears, and heart open to the gifts of this day and days to come!" Curiosity for what we are meant to experience. Present awareness with an open-heart. Making the best of the moments we are given, because they are short.

Focusing on the good in my life is intentionally and mindfully practicing shifting my perspectives and attitude to positive thinking. The power of positive thinking is no joke. It has an enormous effect on our overall experience of day to day activities and our life overall. Repeated practice of this will have long-term effects of ease and peace. It won't take as much practice when done willinging and consciously as a practice.

2. Turning that Good into the Gold of Gratitude

This practice exponentiates the power of positive thinking. Not only am I focusing on what is good, I am turning it into gold! Gratitude is the gold! Gratitude is love overflowing, and it takes love to grow it!

Gratitude comes from the heart. The first practice is very mental. It is shifting thoughts to positive thinking. Gratitude comes from our spirit and soul, and overflows from the heartspace. This practice of gratitude energizes the spirit. It opens the heart. It allows the water to pour through us and out from us. We become the fountain that receives and gives. I think it's important we have gratitude for the simple moments. These are the moments we so often overlook and that we can easily forget. We are alive and breathing and FULLY supported in each and every moment. Spirit has our back, through the life breathing us. We have so much to be grateful for in simply existing. Also, taking the time each day to start and end day with gratitude have a huge effect on our mental health. It's an attitude of abundance that comes from the heart.

The things from our heart are things we feel. What we feel ripples out into overall experiences of emotions, moods, and energy levels. I think this is a great practice to supporting better emotional health as well. Gratitude doesn't deny things that aren't working in our lives. Even focusing on the positive doesn't deny the negative things. It gives us a chance to choose. The more power we have in life, the greater we are at being in a state of fulfillment and peace. Above all else, we are here to experience joy, peace, and contentment. Life is full of tragedy and pain. Every day we are bombarded with these messages, and we have an array of negative emotions all throughout the day sometimes. What I've been working on is shifting from these states, so I recognize that they are passing. This too shall pass. Well sometimes, it doesn't feel like it will pass. So these are practices that help me be a part of the process of that passing. We are creative beings. We can create our experience too. It just takes willingness and mindfulness.

3. Trying something new out

This takes form in many ways, quite literally and also metaphysically. If something isn't working for me anymore - whether it be a day to day activity, a mental process, a way of thinking, or a habit...... I think that sense of stagnancy is calling me to do something different!

I've been absorbing new things every day lately. I noticed I was feeling meh about my days. I'd wake up do the same routines, do the same activities....and well I just wasn't finding them AS enjoyable as they usually are. So, I decided to think outside the box. What do I need right now? I came to some sense of conclusion that what I needed was some mental stimulation that fueled my creativity.

I've been waking in the morning with a new set of activities throughout my day including: listening to motivational speeches early in the day, taking a few online courses that range from watercolor painting, creativity, writing, and self-care, exercising in the mornings instead of later in the day, reading some more, listening to a podcast that speaks to me. All of these activities are new in my daily life, and they are bringing me enjoyment. Maybe I might eat at a different time of the day if I am used to eating at a certain time. Maybe I am going to a different park than I usually go to. I have literally been trying new things out. I love to learn. Taking in positive information, that feeds my soul, stimulates my mind, and activates some creative ideas within me is very exciting. It is something I now look forward to each day. Maybe it's time to go to new places, meet new people, and try new things! Metaphysically this shows up with implementing the ideas above. When I choose new thoughts and attitudes, while focusing on abundance, I am trying on a new mental outfit. Maybe my thinking toward a certain area of life isn't serving me anymore, so I need to try again. Think differently. Think new! Think positively and gratefully.

Perception really does play a huge role onto our experience of EVERYTHING. Things in my life don't have to change for me to be happy. Sometimes, I am the one who has to change to make my life happy. I am the only one experiencing my life, no one else is. Therefore, it's in my hands how I am going to play the cards. It's not my job's responsibility, or that person's job to make me happy. Whatever other people, I still have the opportunity to be with it differently.

4. Create, Create, Create!

As an artistically focused person, my creativity tends to be expressed through writing, art, and creative projects that push the boundaries and limits of who I am. They cause me to focus inwardly on what needs attention and to express that to the fullest potential that I can, maybe even more, if I push myself beyonds those limits. I always encourage people to engage with their creativity in these forms, well because I have felt the healing benefits of art and writing in my life tremendously.

Simultaneously, this message of "Create, Create, Create!!!" goes beyond that! To infinity and beyond!!!!! Yes! To infinity and beyond! The infinity of YOU!!!!!!

You are a creative being. I have said this already, and I will say it again. It deserves emphasis! You are a creative being!!! You have infinite potential. You have infinite opportunities at life. You have infinite solutions. You have the infinite galaxy of the universe within you. Do something with it!!!!! Express it!!!!!! What is on your heart?! What matters to you MOST?!!!! Go out and create something for that and about that! That is purpose my friends! That is your inner compass. That is your guide. You are your own guide. You don't need NO GURU!!! You are the guru!!!

Creativity is the ability to think of ideas, solutions, and expressions. It is the endless capacity of our innate abilities, free from limitations and belief systems. You don't have to be an artist to create art. You ARE art!!!! Your life is a canvas WAITING for you to paint on it! What will you paint!??!?!?!?!?! Go out and create the life you want! Go do that thing you wanna do but your brain tells you that you can't!!! You deserve to explore ALL OF WHO YOU ARE!

The greatest block to creativity for me is my mind! It's my belief systems. It's my confidence and self-esteem. It's excuses. It's lack mindset. I am working on creating for the sake of creativity these days. Not for the outcome or result, but for the PROCESS!!! YES THE PROCESS. CREATIVITY IS ABOUT THE PROCESS.

Your life is a process!!! You are on a journey of unfolding!!!!!!! Engage with the process! Create WITH the process! Make magic! Make beauty ! Make miracles!

This creativity can range from art, writing, journaling, poetry, collage making, your career, your relationships, how you make the best of your day, manifesting what you want for yourself, learning new things, exploring ideas, trying out new thought patterns, creating new habits - IT'S ALL CREATIVITY. GO CREATE!

Well that's a wrap!!! There's some thoughts of mine on "How to Keep Your Head UP When It Wants to Fall Down"

Go be amazing today! Because YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! Practice radical self-love at every moment that you can. You are an amazing creature of love. BE THAT LOVE! You got this! Nothing holds you back today!!!

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