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You Are Always Enough

I love you forever. You are always enough for me - for the world ... and for everthing. No matter what you do, I love you, and you will always be worthy. I'm so grateful you exist.

This morning I was reminded of the simple, yet powerful truth of worthiness; that nothing outside of myself creates more worthiness. Nothing I do makes me a good or bad person. I am always enough. I am always worthy. I am loved.

I felt very grateful to be reminded of this today. The prayer in my little daily meditations for healing book said: "Today help me recognize that I don't need to be anything, or everything, I'm not." I am enough as I am. It's interesting how we can drift from this awareness of worthiness. I think we get caught up in everything outside of us: people, activities, work, day to day responsibilities, goals we are working on, etc. This is why I find my morning routine immensely beneficial. It helps me tap into the inner world. It gives me contact with myself first.

"Your self-worth is determined by you. You don't have to depend on someone telling you who you are." -Beyonce

I think that's one of the most deceiving things about being a human; that of the idea of value and where it comes from. We give everything value. We give ourselves value, other things value, other people value. Inherently, everything is equally valuable. Everything is equal. Everything is one. Everything comes from the same source. Nothing is better than something else. No person is better than anyone else. We put people on pedestals, and then we feel less then in the presence of them. The truth is we are all perfect children of Creation. We are all the same. Yet, we all have individuality and uniqueness - that is precious and also perfect.

I had a very good friend remind me of my worthiness this past weekend, when I was being pretty hard on myself for my actions. I place these expectations on myself, and when they aren't met, my sense of worth lowers. My self-esteem and confidence go down. I love when we can reflect love to one another. That's what we are here for on this planet as a big human family. We are here to support each other and raise each other up!

Love heals everything. Love heals pain. Love heals hurt. Love heals doubt. Love heals worry. Love heals EVERYTHING.

Knowing I am worthy - deeply knowing this truth, not just thinking it, but feeling it....... gives me to courage to face ANYTHING. It also frees me from the things that have been keeping me imprisoned. It's letting go of the chains that bind me. Those chains have come in the form of looking for love and worthiness in all the wrong places. Beyond all of that searching and seeking, there is this beautiful, infinite, and pure Presence that never has stopped loving us. It never leaves us. It is Source. It is God. It is Unconditional Love. It is everything that makes us who we are, and it is in everything that exists.

Life is beautiful. We are life. We are beautiful. Amen!

Can I get a Hallelujah?! Let's worship life! Let's worship each other! Not in an idolistic way, like I was referring to before.... where we put others on pedestals and others lower than others. Let's worship each other, like we are all worthy and beautiful. Let's give each other respect. Most of all, let's give ourselves respect.

That's my prayer today - to love and respect myself with the most adoration that I can, so that I can go out into the world, with a full and open heart. May we all be blessed by this knowing of worthiness. Please enjoy this little writing I wrote to my own heart this morning. Read it, knowing there's a presence inside of you loving you just the same.

I'm so grateful you exist. Being here with you feels like a dream come true, because I get to experience the miracle of YOU! Don't ever wake me from this moment, because I never want it to pass. I want to standstill in time with you - paused between then and what's to come... stuck in the now, where Presence gifts us the present with her presence - warm and gracious, loving and gentle. Thank you for being. I love you forever.

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