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Will You Even Read This?!

Creation fell from Heaven and met an idea in the sky, then married to form magic, and suddenly life was less tragic, as joy entered into life and resulted in innocence of the soul. Creativity was not a goal - but an catalyst to the answer ... and the mind was its faithful dancer. Then the heart created art that wanted to bring the pieces together that fell apart.

Lately I've found myself writing these blogs as very rewarding forms of creativity and expression. After writing them, I feel a release, with a sense of clarity and energy. It offers me inspiration!

The other day, I was reflecting on how it was the PROCESS that was rewarding for me, not necessarily if the blogs had been read. Yet, simultaneously, I was thinking, "Boy I love the stuff that comes through as I write. I wish people would take the time to read the writing and hear some of the thoughts coming through to me." That desire for some expectation.... it really can kill the creativity.....

We have grown accustomed to immediate gratification through our social media use. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok - they all encourage quick swipes, short attention span entertainment, and flashy attractive forms of grabbing your attention - hence the title of my blog, lol. If you clicked this and are reading it, thank you!!!!

Knowing that many people may not read this though, I still am choosing to write these blogs!

Creativity is about the process!!!

...just like life right. Life is about the process....the journey....the experience... not the destination.

Our society and culture encourages us to accomplish that goal, reach that destination, and find that "happy ever after" place. Life is here for us to express our creative potential. That creative potential is infinite, ever changing, and full of possibilities!

Today, when I sat down this morning to journal, I felt a lack of inspiration. I felt an emptiness - a void. I contemplated on how creativity offers me that life force energy of ALIVENESS. For me, engaging in the creative process is in and of itself healing and therapeutic. So often, we limit our creativity by saying things like "I'm not good at that", "I can't do that", "What's the point of trying?", etc. I hear it ALL THE TIME when I talk to others about writing and art. The subject of creativity expands to all areas of our life though!!!

Our life is a masterpiece that we can create however we choose!!

We are constantly creating. We create the outcome of our day. We create our meals. We create our experiences through perceptions. We create the direction in which we move forth in our life. We are creativity in expression!!

I find my therapy in writing and art. I highly encourage this process of creativity, as it opens doorways to the heart and soul. As the doorways open, new perspectives unfold. New ideas come into your mind. Confidence expands from the inside of you out into the world.

We are here to express ourselves. We are here to express the infinite potential of our beingness. I think when we decide to think outside of the box within our lives, we are engaging with the creative process. Thinking outside of the box often has us looking at our comfort zones. When we decide to stay in our comfort zones all the time, are we truly challenging our potential to expand? I'm not sure. I just know this is a sweet spot we can access new inspiration! With new inspiration comes joy and lightness and release! Stepping out of our comfort zone inspires bravery! How do you engage with the creative process in your life? Do you find meaning in the journey? Do you find wisdom in the lessons? Do you find new ideas along the way?

For me, writing this blog is opening up aspects of who I am. It helps me feel more aligned and authentic within my own expression. It helps me find wisdom within myself. I could shut down the idea of writing the blog and posting it, knowing that only a few or maybe no one would read it. Who clicks on a link and reads an article for 5 - 7 minutes these days?! We want 30 second entertainment! I choose to not let that block me from the process.

The process isn't dependent on someone reading this blog. So.... I go forth with my journey of creative expression and engaging in that process of creativity. It feeds my soul. I will continue creating for the sake of creating. Without doing so, I feel depressed and empty and void.

I encourage you to engage with the process of creativity within your life, not dependent on some goal or expectation. Do it for the sake of doing it! Step out of your comfort zone and try something that leads you to a space of inspiration, expansion, courage, and confidence! That's what creativity does for me, and I highly encourage it in whatever form you can find that process within! Go out and express yo'self!!!

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