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Where Am I Going?

Blown by the wind... taken where Spirit breathes me... I relax, allowing myself to be swept away. Feet no longer needed - I am flying with my guiding angels... floating to the places I am meant to be.

Where am I going? What will I do today? What will I do this week? Where am I meant to be? ....What am I even going to write about in this blog post? I don't know to be honest. I don't even know what I am supposed to write about today. I just decided to do it about 10 minutes ago, and when I opened my computer, I just felt meh about it all.

This is the story of my life these days. I am really working on keeping motivated and inspired toward life. I feel a sense of complacency overcoming me, and it is a restless contentment that isn't satisfied with the unknown of it all.

It's driving me crazy!!!!!!!

Yet.... I am finding so many lessons through this process of unfoldment. I am learning how to trust. I am learning it's about the process, not the destination. I also think I am being called to hone in on what creativity is all about. I'm being reminded daily through inner reflection and mindfulness on the process.... that ... well ... our life is a creative journey.... we are creative beings .... we have infinite creative opportunities and experiences at our finger tips.... WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH THESE ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES?!

Things fall into place easily when I trust this process of guidance. The Lord knows my heart and uses it as the compass to direct the flight. All I'm asked to do is open my chest to express its desires, so God can hear where I am supposed to go

Sometimes when I feel that meh feeling throughout the day, I get very discouraged. I feel somewhat depressed. I feel lost. I feel uneasy. I am being shown through these feelings that I have opportunities to shift. I am also being shown that in many ways, I can't just leave it up to life give me what I want. I have to show life what I want! Then life can respond to my heart. My heart is the compass which guides the way. Am I listening to my heart? And it's more than just listening to my heart! It's taking proactive steps of breaking through limitations, stepping into action, trying out new things, and learning more about myself through the process. Every moment I have possibilities to learn about myself. If something isn't working in my life, I don't have to stay stuck there. I don't have to let stagnancy prevail. I can take it as a chance to learn what I don't like, and then I can change it. Learning about myself includes learning what I like and don't like. It is learning about what I am good at and what I am not good at. This might appear to be failure at times.... if I chose to call it that. Failure is nothing more than the result of trying things out. Sometimes the things we try don't end up the way we wish and we don't like the result. Well the only way I could know what I like and don't like is by trying it out.

The creative process is exactly the same way. A lot of times people hold themselves back from expressing themselves creatively is because they're afraid of failure or they simply don't believe they are capable. The truth is it's not about being good or even WHAT we create..... IT'S ABOUT THE PROCESS. Engaging in the creative process for me is doing it for sake of doing it. It's doing it because it's possible to do it. God gave us the endless capacity of trying things out, so that we can experience ANY life we choose to try out.

This is how we work together I pray - He listens. I surrender - He guides. I release - He takes over.

There's a very collaborative relationship happening between us and life. The way that collaborative relationships work is give and take..... by listening and communicating .... by willingness and open-mindedness

I'm learning to listen to my heart again. At times it sounds uninterested and bored. I could let these feelings overcome me and become depressed....OR I can become curious as to why it feels this way. Maybe I just need an open-mind to try new things out. Maybe I need to get to the bottom of what it really needs and is seeking right now. Maybe I need to give more of my time to this infinite gift of life that I have. Am I really living up to my fullest potential? Am I completely giving myself over to the richest experience I could have? Surrender is not only the act of letting go, but the act of moving forward when guided. Can I truly hear where God is guiding me? It takes willingness to listen deeply and step into action. God will guide the way when I surrender all of my expectations, but complacency really can kill your spirit too. I have to be open to trying new things out, maybe things that I think there's no point in trying.

I'd rather try to mingle with these things than let time pass by. Time passes by, potential passes by, opportunities pass by.... then I wonder why nothing has changed, why I feel stale and stagnant. This collaborative relationship with life includes my willingness to engage.

Gratitude prevails on this journey as we soar with the birds & tree tops, heading for beautiful sunrises and sunsets each day that give the soul a reminder of beauty. We delight in the sights along the way. Breathing together we journey like a kite, held on by nothing more than our heart strings

I recently came upon a class on Becoming Creative, because I have been looking for new things to do with my time that will stimulate my mind and activate my spirit. The teacher talks about a study done over the course of many years with many people. The study includes testing people for creativity, as they age. The study reveals 98% of children between the age of 3 - 5 years old show that they test as creative, but as they get older the number drops, and as they become adults, it's revealed that only 2% of people test as creative.

The study reveals that almost all of us begin life with creativity, but we almost all lose access to this creativity as we get older. This is good! This means we all are born creative.

Creativity is that ability to find solutions, to think outside the box, and not be limited by beliefs.

I believe that a lot of the emotions I am experiencing recently are leading me to finding freedom from my limited beliefs. I believe I am being guided out of limitation and into a more expansive creative state. But I cannot do this by wishing it. I have to take part in the collaborative relationship of life. I have to try. What is it that I am restricted by in my beliefs and how can I prove that belief wrong? How can I not let it run the show anymore? Here is where I will grow into a more creative state.

There's endless possibilities within life for me. There are so many ways I can find enjoyment and inspiration in my life. I just have to try. Creativity is the act of trying things out, letting go of the outcome, and engaging in the process. I have no idea where I will end up in the days to come, but gosh darnit, I really want to make sure I do it with no regret. I never want to die wishing I had done more. I want to learn about myself to the fullest extent, and I want to see what I am capable of. I have a vast mind of growth, intelligence, and opportunity. Well.... let me prove to myself that I can explore this beautiful thing called ME!! I'm sharing this message today as a reflection of where I currently am in my process. Where are you in your process? Do you feel you are engaging with your creative potential? If not, what's in the way? This is where the goldmine is, because our limiting beliefs block us from our creative potential. The only thing holding these beliefs in place are the fact that we believe them. Beliefs are changeable. Beliefs are not facts. We can make them facts, and when we do, they run our entire lives. But, we are given the freedom to question things and transform at any moment we choose. Will this take effort? HELL YES! Some beliefs are so ingrained that we act habitually from them. That's why change is a process. Who we transform into through engaging with change.... that's a creative process. Who we become when we intentionally engage in this process... well that's us expanding more into our innate creativity. That becoming will always be unfolding, if we are open-minded to always learn along the way.

I never want to settle for things. I want to stay hungry. I want to wake up each day with the passion for life. I think we can find fulfillment through the process of seeking passion. Peace and gratitude come every day that I live in alignment with my heart. This active process is what gives me great joy in life, and it's a joy that no one can take from me - well, because it came from within me and from me alone. Nothing gave it to me but the inner capacity to experience as much as I can, to learn about myself, and to grow with life.

Thanks for reading along and hearing what's on my heart and mind currently. You are beautiful just the way you are, wherever you are on your journey. Knowing that above all else is what matters most. Have an amazing, wondrous day!

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