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Sometimes We Just Don't Know The Answer Why

Questions emerge Curiousities converge


Uncertainities all around

Still... within... a gentle sound


An Invitation to something greater ........

Listen to this calling to touch Creator....

The search for answers and meaning is a longing we all have deep within us. We wonder why we are here on this planet. We wonder what is our purpose. We wonder what will happen as our day unfolds. We wonder why we feel the way we do. We wonder where we are going in life. We wonder what the next year holds for us.

We are always trying to figure things out - to understand and to know. Something happens and we want to know why it happened. Someone says something and we want to know why they said that.

Our minds trying to solve and figure things out and grasp onto anything that gives it a sense of safety. Too much of this grasping and problem solving can lead to the desire to control outcomes. We wake up and wonder what we will do with our day - our week....our month.... maybe the rest of our life. This question to understand what is to unfold and how it all works out and fits together is the yearning to understand. This desire to control can lead to unsettledness of sitting in the unanswered questions.

I've found myself many times in life questioning EVERYTHING! Actually this happens quite often. I set myself on track in a certain direction: I somewhat make a plan; I start working toward a goal; I thinking I'm headed one particular way........then..... the questions emerge from within.....

These questions can take form in many ways. They can be sourced from my feelings. Maybe I'm not feeling so good about a certain area of my life, so I start being curious if I need head in a different direction or let it go.

Maybe my emotions are the guide, and I use that to find my intuition. At times, my interest and curiosity peak their little cute heads up, and they see another avenue of learning, growth, and joy. I lean into that eagerness for something else, just for the sake of experiencing something new.

Sometimes, due to the evolving nature of growth and development, I simply desire something else. As we grow, we change. As we change, so do our desires.

Part of my self acceptance journey currently involves allowing myself to be in this ever-changing, and ever evolving, nature of growth.

My resistance comes in when I think that by questioning things that is some reflection of my character. Something from society or my upbringing has instilled within me the belief system that when we make a choice, we need to stick with it and follow through...... FOREVER!!!!! That by doing so results in some level of success and achievement.

I'm continuing to learn how to break out of the pressure of society's definition of success and achievement - in all areas of my life.

I'm continuing to learn that I am perfect no matter what I think and feel - even if that involves changing my mind, questioning things, or evaluating my life and seeing if I want to pursue another experience.

I'm continuing to learn that no matter what happens I am enough, that I matter, and that I have value.

I'm continuing to learn .... surrender....

Surrender is the essence of this entire message I want to share with you all.

Surrender has been my spiritual practice for years. It offers me acceptance. It offers me permission to be in the unknowing of the questions. It offers me release from control. Permission gives me access to direct connection to peace... and Creator.

Surrender for me is giving things over, while I am questioning. I don't need to know why I am questioning things. I don't even need to know the reason I am feeling something. I don't need to know the outcome. Surrender allows me to step into the moment of what I need to accept. I need to accept things as they are - as they feel - as they shift.... as I SHIFT.

Surrender gives me the self-acceptance to trust the Universe. When I accept myself, I trust the unfolding of things around me. As I grow and develop, I give myself permission to question things in my life. What do I want to experience? What do I need? What brings me joy? What is calling me in life right now?

These are all questions that emerge when I allow myself to be a spiritual being having a human experience. The spiritual practice for me is surrendering to what is.

And sometimes "what is" doesn't need to be understood by the mind. Just experienced by us as we constantly move into our ever-changing alignment. We are allowed to find alignment by searching and seeking.

For that, I am ever-grateful for the gift of life - to learn, to grow, to love, and to enjoy.

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May 02, 2022

Loving the permission you have given yourself to ask questions & yet be ok without the answers showing up. Being in the state of surrender can feel vulnerable at the moment but is necessary to allow in all the possibilities to unfold. Loved this read!

Nichole Mix
Nichole Mix
May 03, 2022
Replying to

Thank you for commenting Beth!! I definitely was fighting and resisting being in the question and the unknowing for a while. I am at much more peace with being in the unknown as of recently, and I feel a huge sense of peace since then. Thanks for reading and I want to write more of these as I feel called. I am feeling the creative writing bug :)

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