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Happy Dance in the Happenchance

"Happy dance Happenchance... Joy & Serenity find Synchronicity in the bliss of surrendering to all of this... Opening & Opening to where the heart desires focusing..."

Do you believe in happenchances? The dictionary defines happenchance as: noun. An unexpected random event: accident, chance, fluke, fortuity, hap, happenstance, hazard. Most of my life I looked at favorable unexpected situations as pure luck. Time and time again, I still find myself calling these types of occurences "coincidences". As I have grown spiritually, these situations are perceived less by me as pure "coincidences" and more as "synchronicities".

Whatever we choose to call them truly makes no difference. However, I want to offer a perspective that has given me the gift of seeing MIRACLES unfold in my life.

One of the blessings of life is coming to this place of peace after a period of resistance, pain and struggle. I believe our hearts are always calling to us to listen to its deepest desires and wishes. This is our intuition... our Higher Self... our soul! This may come in the form of emotions and thoughts. What feelings and thoughts are cycling in your mind ? Are there tracks on repeat ? Feelings that keep persisting ?

For me, I am coming to realize that this is all part of the internal journey of coming into alignment and seeking happiness, contentment, and fulfillment. When we don't listen to these desires, we experience depression and anxiety. We are meant to listen to our souls!!

Ignoring our souls is like ignoring a child of ours we are caring for.... We all have this inner child who needs love, attention, and care. Giving this child care is listening to what it truly is trying to express to you!

The poem I wrote at the beginning of this blog is an expression of coming to that place of serenity AFTER surrendering the resistance to the thoughts and feelings we are experiencing. This process can take MONTHS.... or even longer!!! I found myself surrendering for months and months. Praying every day! Working on radical acceptance every day! Piece by piece, aspects of what I was holding onto broke away.... but it took time!

The poem offered at the beginning expresses the miracles that unfold as we align with our heart. Things fall into place in our life without effort. Situations happen that seem effortless and easy. Desires come into fruition without even trying.

Where is your heart desiring to focus??

This could be the deep inner calling you need to align with to allow for things to unfold.

Again... this process can ... well... be a process. I started to re-read one of my favorite books recently: "Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender" by Dr. David R. Hawkins. In the book, Dr. Hawkins goes through every emotion from the bottom up. From shame, to anger, to pride, to courage, to unconditional love, to joy, etc. Reading the book has unlocked access to my inner knowing on how to engage with the process of surrender. Part of this process is surrendering the emotions and thoughts themselves as we are experiencing the resistance to surrender.

In one section, he goes over the emotion of desire and longing. He says that there's a myth we believe that if we let go of desire that we will not get what we desire. So... we try to hold on, clench and attach ourselve to the thing we are desiring. Basically he says we are telling the universe, with our desire, that we do not have it. We are telling the universe we are without, that we are lacking it, so hence, the reflection we get back from the universe is that lack. We are sending signals of need.

One of the hardest emotions for me to let go of is desire and longing. It's my TRYING to get the goal I desire. It's my need to control. It's my ego trying to get its way. Also, it's a very fine line to walk when we are deeply listening to our soul and what it truly wants in life.

Yet... here's the kicker for me. When I FINALLY experience surrender with my longings and desires..... I feel the peace I truly long for.

Deep down we are really longing for peace..... right?!

I think our minds fool us to think the exact thing we are desiring is what we need. The truth is we all just want peace and serenity. Desire and longing get in the way of peace. Control gets in the way of contentment.

I started this whole blog to talk about happenchance..... What does this have to do with happenchance.... synchronicity.... the miracles I spoke of?!

Well ... I think that is the result after the surrender. We surrender and we experience miracles. We have the capacity to experience miracles. Our life becomes a miracle. Our experience becomes a miracle. We lose the fight and the resistance to our life. We see everything around us aligned with what we desire, but yet we aren't in the energy of desire. We are in the energy of ease, flow, and serenity.

That my friends.... is the miracle! You are here to experience miracles. You are here to experience the happy dance of life. You are here to experience bliss. You are here to feel lightness within your heart. You can do this! Keep on keeping on, angel friends. You have wings to fly and never give up. You can do this. There is light at the end of the tunnel and as always:

"This too shall pass."

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